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Magical Snap - 2009.06.20 08.57 - 005Our Pets,  A Special Gift

All pet owners understand what a special gift our pets are. Whether dogs or horses or cats or ferrets, we love them all for what they give to us.

I Help Toronto Pets started because of my love of animals. When I started to study different types of alternative stress and pain management modalities, I arrived at the amazing Quantum Biofeedback Scio Device. Then I discovered the Quantum Sacalar Wave Laser, also very powerful in helping to manage pain. And finally the  Alpha-Stim 100 which has been tested over many years and medically proven to help with pain and also anxiety and depression.  Although my practice is very new (around two years old) I have been very successful in helping a number of pets (see the testimonial page) and people too in handling and reducing pain and stress. All of these devices work in different ways to achieve the same result. To help make our pets lives better. So please check out the details on this site and leave a comment or question on my Blog page. I look forward in the future to helping many Toronto pets and Toronto people too!

Rosie and Sparky

Rosie and Sparky

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