Rosie’s Story

My Rosie

My English Mastiff Rosie had fallen down a flight of cement stairs not once but twice. A few months later she developed a severe limp. She is 160 pounds and that leg carries a lot of weight. We of course took her to the vet and the recommendation was x-rays.  The pain seemed to be in her shoulder. The vet also gave her some Metacam (a canine anti-inflammatory), but unfortunately she didn’t tolerate it well. We switched to Deramax, but we had the same problem. She really couldn’t go for walks and she gained a little weight which made the situation worse. Now for x-rays. Nothing. X-rayed the shoulder and her leg and the result was they found nothing.

I am a Biofeedback Technician, and I also use a Quantum Wave Laser and a device called an Alph-Stim to help pets with pain and anxiety. I hooked up Rosie, and though I am not able to give a diagnosis, I can tell you that the biggest stressors were a pinched nerve in the cervical vertebrae, and it also highlighted specifically the C3,C4, and C5 Vertebrae. It also showed stress involving spinal energy flow. Excited that I may have discovered something I called the vet and I asked “could it be a pinched nerve?” The answer. “No that would not cause a limp”. Now I know from having suffered from a bad back years ago, that when your sciatic nerve is “pinched” this pain runs down your leg and it’s hard to even walk.  I had also heard about a very good Veterinary Chiropractor here in Toronto, and asked my vet what would he think of us trying a chiropractic adjustment. “Can’t hurt”  he told me. I want to clarify that I love my vet and I have been using them for the last 18 years, but, as far as he was concerned there was nothing wrong, and he couldn’t offer any more help.

The next week we took Rosie to the Chiropractor and guess what?  He diagnosed her with a pinched nerve in the cervical vertebrae involving C3 – C5. He started his treatment and I started balancing Rosie with Biofeedback and administering Cold laser and the Alpha-Stim.  After six weeks no limp. And now more than two months later, no limp.

I want to repeat this is not about the vet missing something, I have a great vet and have trusted him a few times with my pet’s life,  it is about the alternatives that are out there for our pets, and even for us. To quote heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz,  “Once your view of reality is rocked, you realize that the scientific community does not possess all the required knowledge. As we get better at understanding how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is Energy Medicine. It’s not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It’s not the chemistry of our body. It’s understanding for first time how energy influences how we feel.”  To that I’d like add that we also need to understand how stress influences how we feel and how much dis-ease it is responsible for.

Those of us who practice Quantum Biofeedback, have known this for a long time.