Muffie’s Story……



Dear Don,

I can’t tell you how much Rob and I appreciate your work with Muffie and Quantum Biofeedback. As you know Muffie was hardly able to stand up on her own due to the pain in her back legs and hips. After the first session she was standing without help and she was even able to climb the stairs in the back of our house. Now after the five sessions you have done with her we are able to take her on long walks which was not possible in the last year. She continues to do extremely well and we will tell everyone we know about your work.

Thanks again,
Carol and Rob Rodriguez

From Elaine C.

Magical Snap - 2009.02.12 10.17 - 001 [Desktop Resolution] [Desktop Resolution]Hi Don,

I just wanted to write you a note regarding my shoulder and the Scalar Wave Laser.

As you know I suffered months of discomfort with my right shoulder. After the first session with your laser, the pain was almost completely gone. After the second session a week later the pain was totally gone. I just finished a 30 day Moksha challenge (yoga), and my shoulder is still pain free!  Thanks. It works!

Elaine C.

Jake getting Biofeedback

Jake getting Biofeedback


“Dear Don,
Jake, our yellow lab, injured his elbow several years ago and had to have surgery to repair it.  In recent months, this injury had been causing him a great deal of pain and he limped noticeably.  Following three sessions of Quantum Biofeedback, we saw a great improvement and following another couple of sessions, Jake now walks without any limp and does not appear to be in pain at all.  We are very grateful to you for introducing us to Quantum Biofeedback.
Paul and Joan”